The old model of IT is broken and inefficient. We commonly refer to this model as the Break/Fix model – your office has a lot of technology that isn’t maintained, repaired, or upgraded until it breaks and you have no other choice. The biggest problem with this model is that it treats your consistent demand for security and performance with inconsistent service. It would be comparable to the healthcare industry if it was only made up of emergency rooms.

Managed Services is different because it takes a proactive approach to your technology which is not only cheaper, but also more enjoyable. We take on the role of a virtual Chief Information Officer in your company with intricate knowledge of your technology systems and business goals. Our services try to identify technology risks before they result in an emergency, so that you can focus on what you love, while we focus on your technology.

Managed Services is the HUB from which all of our other services flow: help desk, cyber security, network planning and installation, internet consulting, phone installation, and even web site and marketing services. USITN acts as the facilitator to make all of these things happen efficiently. We constantly are researching the best solutions and observing how they work in other practices to bring your business a wealth of knowledge that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. 

With our managed services solutions, you can expect:

  • Peace of mind– your systems are monitored 24/7
  • Less downtime– we identify and fix issues before they cause problems
  • Fewer disruptions– we provide most services remotely and can work throughout the night, if necessary
  • Predictable budgeting– we charge flat-rate fees for our IT services